Tiring weekend - REFLECTION

Today is not only a super boring day, but also a tiring day. I went out from home since early in the morning. Actually, it was just a short journey, but I felt super tired. From Changi Airport - Tiong Bahru - School - J8 - Home.
I don't have any class on Saturday. I went to school only for selling snacks with my club members. There was a basketball competition in my school among Indonesian, which is organized by Indonesian Embassy. It doesn't sound racism, but it sounds too nationality. ;) There were 8 schools, which meant there were 4 games.
1st match  : SIM vs PSB       --> PSB (winner)
2nd match : TMC vs ERC      --> TMC (winner) <3<3<3
3rd match  : NTU vs Kaplan --> NTU (winner)
4th match  : Curtin vs MDIS --> Curtin (winner)

CONGRATS to TMC Permata.. :):):)
xx Merline

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