Hi fellas, I start blogging here now.. :)

I used to blog at blogger.com before.. U can look around at my LadyBug Blog..

I think I'll seldom update that blog in the future..

Time flies.. It feels like yesterday was still the beginning of 2010, but it's the beginning of the year 2011 now..
I expect to do better this year.. In the 3rd semester, my subjects are getting tougher and tougher which means I need to work harder..
If I think of a new year resolution, there will be a lot of them..

I'm excited of tomorrow, because Welas, 55, SC & SC's cousin will be coming..
We'll hang out together at Singapore, which is a dream come true for all of us.. :)
I feel sorry because I cannot help the student club for the orientation tomorrow.. :(
I've promised the girls and asked them to come Singapore before I know about the orientation thing..
xx Merline
7/12/2012 05:12:54 pm

will come back quickly


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