These 2 days had been a very pleasurable day for me and the girls. 
Yesterday, we walked around Orchard. They really are good shoppers. While I went shopping with them, there is a lovely dress which caught my eyes. I really love that dress and so do all of them. The funny thing is, Welas, 55, Sw, Sc & I have bought the same dress. This is the second clothes that we had bought the same. Besides Orchard, we also went to Clarke Quay & Marina Bay Sands. There were many of us yesterday, there were Welas, Sw, Sc, Sc's cousin, 55, Raymond, Shella, Cellin, Sw's friend & I. We went to Clarke Quay and Sands together till late at night. Because it was too late, it made me had to stay over at their hotel, because I missed the last bus and mrt to go home.

This morning, we woke up late and we didn't get to eat our breakfast. We had our lunch at Bugis, which means that we walk and shop around Bugis. And yeah, a very big YES, they are still good shoppers. Then, we continued to Somerset to have our dinner at Marche, which is a very lovely place. Of course we took lots of pictures from Sc's camera. There are lots of jokes from the girls. I really hope that every day could be the same as today.
Maybe because there were too much laughter while we walked to the Mrt station to go home, bird poop fell onto my hand, I felt disgusted.

Hope tomorrow will be as fun as today.
End the day with a smile. :)
xx Merline
7/14/2012 02:28:51 pm

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8/15/2012 10:49:06 pm

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