Heyho! I've not been updating my blog everyday, I'm quite a lazy person hihii. I love blogging where I can share with people.

Recently, I've been busy with my new semester in TMC, I need to struggle to absorb the new lessons that make me almost insane. But I'm kinda lucky to have good friends who can remind me how to enjoy this boring life.
I just randomly tell about my activities for the week hehee. ;)
This was taken last week at skating rink Marina Bay Sands. I won't go there to skate anymore, because we are not skating on ice, but it is kind of fake ice that is made by chemical things. The way to skate on it is also totally different when compare to ice skating rink. I prefer the Kallang one.

This was taken at Marche Somerset. I <3 that place & also the foods there.

I went to Lasalle Art School last Thursday. At first, Christya, Joann & I was thinking of watching the fashion show that was held by the students there, but we were late. :(

Happy Easter Day for people who celebrate! :D
xx Merline

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