This life is really boring. Everyday is just the same with lots of stuffs to think. :(
I wanna to have a life that I can enjoy very much with laughter & joyfulness and without sadness & stressfulness, but I know it is impossible.
Life is too colourful that makes me feel happy, sad, angry, and stress randomly.
I feel very lucky to have a great mom. If I feel stress at anytime, I will chat with her and she always advices me till I calm down. Her words that I always remember are that she always asks me to do everything slowly. This is why mom is one of the greatest people in the world. She is the one who knows us well.
MISS U MOM!! :*:*:*

*Random: Jos & I were talking G language just now. "Cogobaga degeh, megenyegenagangkagan logoh. ;) "
xx Merline
7/13/2012 12:48:54 pm

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