Hi, my fellow readers!!! Actually, I am a bad blogger, it is common for me if I seldom update this blog, especially at this moment. :(

I've just started my new semester for less than 2 weeks, but I feel that it has passed 1 year for this new semester. Because I choose Accounting as my specialization, I learn Advanced Financial Accounting in this semester. It is the most difficult subject in this semester for me. Of course I need to struggle myself to the best although it is the most difficult one. :(
Besides school subjects, I am also stress because of Club. I have a bad habit which I need to throw it away. I am lazy in doing things that make me stress.

I've written much about my stressfulness, of course my life isn't that bad, I still can enjoy and try to be a better person. ;)

**As long as you are still a human being, difficulties keep chasing your life. The things that you can do is try to ignore them & make improvement of yourself.
xx Merline
9/27/2012 08:17:43 am

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