Today's News :( - REFLECTION
Night, readers! :)
Today's weather is really crazy. The rain keeps stopping and raining again randomly.
I don't like this kind of weather. I hope tomorrow will be better.
If it was raining for few hours and no more raining for the rest of the day, it's fine, but it wasn't. :( May be the weather cried for me because of the tiring day. *wink-wink ;););)
Because of this crazy weather, many people are sick. I hope all of them can recover soon. GOOD LUCK! :)

There is a BIG NEWS!!! I have got my result for last semester, which is my second semester.
I don't really satisfy with my result. :(
I don't like to see any other result besides Distinction and High Distinction.
I've tried my best in doing those stupid assignments last semester, but the result is just so so for me, because I still got 1 credit which is for Business Strategy. I don't really like that subject, because I don't understand about it till now. Of course my result is not only credit. I got Distinction and High Distinction for my Business Economics and Marketing for Managers, which means I still have reasons to be happy. :):):)

"L.I.F.E is only simply stands for 4 words, but the meaning is not as simple as what it is. Every single day in this life needs lots of energy to strive for excellence."
xx Merline

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