Hey, readers! Valentine's Day is almost here. Have u prepared anything for your beloved? Not only for your girlfriend, but also can for your momma, daddy, friends, relatives or others that you love.
That picture above is the one that I've made for my school Entrepreneur Club to be sold. Not only me myself, but also other members who help me. For me, it is not that good enough, but it looks very cute and adorable. The one in the picture is from Irene who is the one that is very kind and stand at student services everyday. She bought it for me and asked me not to resell it. ;) There is also my another Chinese friend who buy the product, but he doesn't know who to give, then he decides to give me. Thank you very much to both of you. :D
I've been very tired of doing those products for the whole day. Luckily, we can gain profit, so that I can struggle more although it is very tired.
I hope the sales for tomorrow will be better. :)
Although today has been a very tiring day, I still cannot sleep early, because I need to join my aunt and others to pray for the God's Day which is believed in Chinese tradition. We need to pray after 12mn, it will be a very tiring day and night. TT

Anyway, just wanna share some tips with all of you guys, if u wanna get something special for your beloved, don't concern on the prices, but concern on the products. Try to get something that is useful for your beloved or something that he/ she likes. He/ She/ They will feel very happy to receive whatever you give them. GUDLUCK *wink-wink ;)
xx Merline

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