Hi, I'm currently getting confuse to make decision. Should I go back Medan earlier? Should I go to Jakarta first?
In one side, I really wish to go back to Medan asap, but in another side, I also wanna go to Jakarta for few days.
I think my mom won't let me go to Jakarta first. Even now, she keeps questioning me why I still haven't booked ticket to go back yet. @@ *confuse
I'm craving for the foods in Medan. <3 the Sate Padang, Kari Bihun, Tiong Sim Mie, Durian, Fried Rice, Fried Chicken in Sehati, Nasi Padang, and many many many more. :'(
I also wanna go to Jakarta as my cousin asks me to join her to go there for few days first, then go back to Medan together with her.
If I had a chance, I wanna choose both hihii. ;)
xx Merline

THX for info


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