How I really wish that I can wear heels at anytime, but too bad, I seldom wear because of my bad feet. My pity feet is always hurt and I'm not comfortable with it. :(
Actually, I have to rush on my assignments, because it is almost the due date, but recently, I'm really crazy with tumblr and we <3 it. I can't really concentrate on my assignments. :(
*I promise that I won't online too much start from tomorrow. ;)
Anyway, back to the topic that I'm almost insane because of tumblr and we <3 it. I just re-post whatever that catch my eyes from people's blogs, it seems like boring, but I really enjoy it. ;) I'm in love with heels nowadays because of those people's posts. Nothing much that I wanna share because my brain is now keep working for "reblog..reblog..reblog..". :D
9/28/2012 08:02:52

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