It's May people!

I don't know whether I should be happy or sad to realize that it's May now. The most important thing is this month is my most important person's birthday, she's my lovely momma, but very sad that I can't celebrate it with her as I am here, Singapore, and she is there, Medan. I wish there is a miracle that can let me stop the time and fly to Medan for few hours to celebrate her birthday blast. Let's forget about the stupid wish and focus on my life here.

It has been 3rd May now, but I still haven't even touched my assignments. I'm kinda lazy to start, I always try to start earlier, but I fail, I can't concentrate on those things. I'm going to join some of my friends to National Library tomorrow, I hope it gonna works to motivate me in doing my assignments. ;) I'm not ready to suffer in it yet, I wanna join one of my friend who is having fun in her hometown now huhuu. :'( *envy

I often think of having a job for experience only, but I still haven't got that chance, even for the lowest job. I really feel envy with my brother who is younger 4 years than me can go for a job as a tuition teacher now. Although he is only teaching young kids, but it is good for him to spend his very long holiday while waiting for the start of his high school. He hasn't even a high school student, but I've been a college student, he is super lucky. Good Luck for him, Vincent!

FYI guys, I've just added one link of my besties in TMC, she has just made a new blog. Check it out here.

AH! There is one important hot news for you all. I know that almost all of you have heard about this. Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, who is the most-wanted fugitive is dead. He was killed in Pakistan yesterday. If you want to read for further news, just click here.

I think that's all for today :D
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Osama bin Laden
7/14/2012 02:03:08 pm

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